Faithful Dads

In our view, being a dad is God’s highest privilege to men. Being a dad encompasses so much of what God has created us to be. In fact, the prerequisite for being a faithful dad is first of all being a man of God. Yet God never called us to be dads all by ourselves, and we realize the futility of going it alone: we need God to be a faithful dad! God is The Faithful Father, our model to be a faithful dad. Our family will follow us most anywhere, so no wonder it’s so important to follow Jesus as we lead our family. Here are some helpful ways we encourage dads and famiiles:

Men’s Retreats

“God is crazy good!!  He was already in this weekend two years ago when you reached out; we just needed to catch up. God has really used you at this conference to reach the men; hearts yielded; hearts repaired; lives forever changed; crazy good! Thank you for partnering with Frontline Ministries to honor God in this work.”

Jim Carnahan, Frontline Ministries co-founder and HDR Engineering, Inc. Associate Vice President

“Thanks for speaking. Actually, the thing I was most impressed with was the fact that you had connected with guys a couple years ago and actually prayed for them in the interim. It’s one thing to say you’ll pray for someone, it is another to actually do it and be consistent with it. So thanks for modeling that consistency for us. Your life becomes as much the message as your words. That spoke to me.”

Pastor Steve Weber

I want to thank you for the open way you shared your pain, loss and victory. You have inspired me to fight through the pain and let God use it to help others. I have decided to bury myself in the bible. And commit it to memory.

Paul Poorman

A Faithful Dad’s Guide to Legacy (AFDG2L) challenges you to consider one of the most, if not the most, critical question a dad will ever answer: What legacy do I want to leave for my family? Through an engaging, relatable, and encouraging narrative, AFDG2L will equip you to leave a lasting legacy you can be proud of. To get the most out of this resource, take on A Faithful Dad’s Guide to Legacy, a new, unique challenge to wrap-up each chapter.

Perfect for church groups and stand-alone men’s groups, A Faithful Dad’s Guide to Legacy (AFDG2L) paired with our six-session A Faithful Dad’s Guide to Legacy companion DVD series is a one-two punch in knocking out legacy killers: ego, workaholicism, and affairs. Join Travis Zimmerman as he introduces each section and challenges you and your team to leave a lasting legacy.

Learning How

Learning how to be a faithful dad is certainly time well spent, but taking on an accompanying challenge encourages growth. Whether you accomplish this challenge in days, weeks, or months, know that growth comes from consistency and accountability. In other words, join together with a buddy or accountability partner to complete this 12-step challenge (Proverbs 27:17), one challenge per chapter of A Faithful Dad’s Guide to Legacy. We’ll even ask you to sign it. Some of these 12 challenges will be rather easy for you, and some will be difficult, seemingly impossible. While you’re not required to complete every step of the challenge, there is always something you can be doing for each challenge step. For example, for Challenge #5, you may already have a good relationship with your dad, so your part in the challenge will be to pray for others.