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Why people support A Faithful Dad:


“I completely believe in you and your ministry especially to fathers.  I feel this is a subject that doesn’t get a lot of attention where that shouldn’t be the case at all.  We are in an age where fathers are fatherless to their children and this generation needs to change that.  Your material and personal stories are on point  So me supporting you in that journey is simply to continue to get the word out and for you to keep pushing forward.” ~ A. Golembiesky


“The main reason I feel led to support you and A Faithful Dad is the basic idea to reach fathers for Christ.    In reaching fathers you are not only ministering to them but nurturing their children and relationship with their wives. ” ~ J. Whitehead


“Simply because fatherhood is crucial! And under attack…you are a warrior! You blew me away with your enthusiasm and passion! I’m blessed to call you a friend!” ~ T. Boyett


“I support your ministry because what you are sharing and spreading is so very important. You have the skill to do it well and meaningfully. Hearing you speak, I know that God will use that ability in the ministry.  Your work is crucial and I’m happy to be able to help in this regard.” ~ M. Hofsass


“I support A Faithful Dad because through this critically needed ministry, men can grow in Christ and be positive role models for all the people in their lives. Perhaps at no time in human history has a need for a ministry missioned to teach men to lead lives with Christ like character been more necessary.” ~ W. Alexander


“What the world needs right now is parents and dads to step up but there is no one to tell them how to do it. This fills that void. If it impacts some kids for the rest of their life then the long term impact is massive. That’s why for this ministry.” ~ C. Chappell


“For me, that’s an easy answer. Just go to the update that was sent out on Monday. To see, firsthand, how God has and is using you and your ministry; to me that’s the biggest reason. I truly believe in what your team is doing. I love the new direction in The Faithful Dad. How could you not support a ministry that has touched me in so many ways and others?” ~ B. Shindledecker

A Faithful Dad is an IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry based in Hershey, PA. As such, your donations may be tax-deductible and help us to encourage dads and families.  Being a faithful dad: Your biggest job. Our greatest passion.