Camps & Conferences

In His beloved words of the Great Commission, Jesus encourages His followers to make disciples of all nations, and camps and conferences centers all across the world are helping to do just that! From early morning breakfasts to activity-filled days to rousing campfires under starlit nights, the camping experience provides a tremendous opportunity to meet dads and their families right where they are. Through the years God has equipped us to minister at dozens of camps to thousands of dads and families. Here are some ways we can join you:

Men’s Retreats

“God is crazy good!!  He was already in this weekend two years ago when you reached out; we just needed to catch up. God has really used you at this conference to reach the men; hearts yielded; hearts repaired; lives forever changed; crazy good! Thank you for partnering with Frontline Ministries to honor God in this work.”

Jim Carnahan, Frontline Ministries co-founder and HDR Engineering, Inc. Associate Vice President

“Thanks for speaking. Actually, the thing I was most impressed with was the fact that you had connected with guys a couple years ago and actually prayed for them in the interim. It’s one thing to say you’ll pray for someone, it is another to actually do it and be consistent with it. So thanks for modeling that consistency for us. Your life becomes as much the message as your words. That spoke to me.”

Pastor Steve Weber

I want to thank you for the open way you shared your pain, loss and victory. You have inspired me to fight through the pain and let God use it to help others. I have decided to bury myself in the bible. And commit it to memory.

Paul Poorman

Father-Son/Daughter Retreats

Travis has been a speaker for us at both the Buffalo and Rochester Iron Sharpens Iron Conferences and at last year’s CSB Leadership Advance. Travis connects wonderfully with men and young men and his memorization of Scripture is amazing.

Sam Richbart, Executive Director: The 2016 Men’s Retreat will feature Travis Zimmerman of Speak My Word Ministries.

I thank God for you that you pray for me and support me, Mr. Travis. God has been teaching me a lot and is leading me through life now that I have truly realized his love. Please keep praying for me that I will be able to hear his voice and listen.

-Doug G.

Your testimony, perseverance, and obedience was a true blessing and ministry to my heart at this time. Thank you for your faithfulness to speak the truth plainly and honestly.

Nathan W.

Youth Events

“Thank you for being such a blessing to me and our middle school students this past weekend. You and your family are doing God’s work in such an awesome way! Many thanks and blessings, Rita

Rita Hoops

It was a pleasure listening to you speak and teaching me some very important lessons that will help me through life. Thanks for speaking during the youth retreat. You did an AMAZING job speaking. Seeing all the teens listening to you and really taking in what you were saying just put a smile on my face. Again, it was amazing to hear you speak and hope you come back and speak again.

Dayne Mills

“We want to keep the momentum from the youth retreat experience going. We want the adults to catch up to our youth. The next time we need a speaker, you will be contacted. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Pastor Carl Redding